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E-signature for all markets

In just a year, almost 1.100 Admincontrol customers have started to use e-signature, and over 31.000 documents have been signed in the Nordic countries alone. An alternative e-signature process, which is not based on eID, is now available. It will be possible to use this service in all markets.

It is now 18 months since the launch of the first version of Admincontrol’s e-signature solution, which has proved to be very popular. Almost half our customers have already adopted e-signature in their board portal. In the Nordic countries, Norway was the last country to introduce legislation to allow e-signature and archiving of minutes. This coincided with Admincontrol’s launch of its solution.

Alternative solution for other markets

The e-signature solution has so far only been available in the Nordic region because it is based on electronic ID (Bank ID, Nemid and Tupas), but an alternative solution that will work in all markets is now availble. The new version of the Admincontrol service includes an alternative SMS-based signing solution (One-Time Password). The new solution (Limited signature) follows the eIDAS standard for e-signatures, like the current solution (Advanced signature). Limited signature will not offer such strong authentication as electronic ID, but for most documents and decisions, it will be more than adequate for its intended purpose.


Strong demand for the solution

Admincontrol’s Chief Product Officer, Kristoffer Munthe Aasbø, notes that customers outside the Nordic countries and those with one or more board members outside the Nordic countries have long sought an alternative solution.

All board members will have the opportunity to use this service – no matter where they are.

Kristoffer Munthe Aasbø, Product Chief Officer at Admincontrol

Munthe Aasbø adds that e-signature will make everyday life easier for most companies.

Kristoffer Munthe Aasbø, on Carl Johan

Customers outside the Nordic countries have long sought an alternative signing solution for their users. This solution is now available.

“Using e-signature, you will no longer be tied to the office and dependent on access to equipment such as printers and scanners. Decisions can be made quickly and, most importantly, implemented while you are on the move – without becoming a bottleneck in the decision-making process. More and more companies are seeing the benefits of this and it is therefore gratifying to be able to provide this service to all markets and to companies with board members who are not based in the Nordic countries,” says Munthe Aasbø.


He adds that digitally signing documents is both easy and time-saving for both board members and senior management. In addition, the costs associated with printing, scanning, shipping, and handling of documents can be reduced considerably.

“Using e-signatures, users can easily sign documents, and the senior management will gain complete control and clarity regarding the signing process, with a high level of security guaranteed,” concludes Munthe Aasbø.