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Clean Room

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Big demand for Clean Rooms

Admincontrol tripled the sales of Clean Rooms in 2018.

– We saw a great demand for Clean Rooms last year – an increase from 16 in 2017 to 60 in 2018”, says Mari Nygård, Head of Virtual Data Rooms.

Nygård says they are noticing that companies are becoming more aware of who they are sharing sensitive data with.

Head of Virtual Data Rooms, Mari Nygård.

– Professional companies are now concerned about compliance with the GDPR during a transaction. Personal as well as sensitive data in general have a totally different attention. From both the seller and the buyer side, a key topic is how to enable secure, yet fast and simple, sharing of sensitive information and data classified as personal data. I think the GDPR has put security on the top of the agenda for most companies. Compliance is an area in which there is no room for errors.

– We are providing education on how to use the Data Room according to best practice and often we recommend setting up a Clean Room.

A Clean Room is basically a data room within the data room

Three take-aways about a Clean Rooms

1. What is a Clean Room?

A Clean Room is basically a data room within the data room, which is used to share information with highly restricted Access.

2.  Why would you need a Clean Room when the data room is already secure?

During a due diligence, there are usually TWO main reasons why sharing your information with potential buyers in the secure setting of the data room is not sufficient.

  • You may have trade secrets that you are simply not willing to share until the deal is closed.
  • Furthermore, antitrust laws prevent you from sharing information which could potentially lead to price fixing or unwanted transparency.. The general rule is that the parties should be able to carry on as before if a transaction does not take place as planned.

3. How is information in the Clean Room useful?

After reviewing the information in the Clean Room, the Clean Team presents their client with an aggregated report which could “make or break” the transaction. With the knowledge of both the target and the potential buyers the Clean Team can make a report that will help the bidder make informed decisions without knowing all the details.

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