8 tips for effective and well-organised online board meetings

When you’re getting ready to host an online board meeting, there are many ins and outs to consider. Executing a successful online meeting relies on more than providing quality content.

During the corona lock-down, many companies are moving their board meetings from the physical world to the virtual. However, this can be a bit tricky. We are accustomed to shaking hands, to have eye contact and be able to comment on different points during the board meeting. Shifting to online meetings, requires  preparations and execution in a slightly different way. But fear not! 

We have consulted and gathered some good pieces of advice from our clients concerning how to conduct effective online board meetings.

As the saying goes, “to be prepared is half the victory.” If you participate in a virtual meeting with a game plan, you’ll get a better outcome both during and after it.

Planning an online boards meetings from the home office? Here’s what you need to plan for:

Have the right tools in place

Make sure to have the right tools in place enabling you to communicate and share your screen with the board members. There are several tools you may use, however it is important to choose a vendor with a stringent focus on security .

Make sure the technical part is working

Make sure to check whether the technology, like sound, video and screen sharing, works before the meeting. Team up with some of the other meeting participants and do a technology test in advance. That way, you avoid a stressful start of the board meeting and gain participants’ trust.

Now that digital meetings are becoming more common, it is a great advantage to be able to efficiently sign the documents electronically – within the board portal’s encrypted environment using an advanced electronic signature method, like BankID and NemID or by SMS

Remember to check sound, video and screen sharing prior to the online meeting

Appoint a moderator for the meeting

Appoint a moderator, if this is not handled by the chair, and make clear guidelines for who is going to speak. This is to avoid poor sound quality during the meeting with participants speaking simultaneously. For example, raise your hand if you want to say something, or write your name in the chat if the meeting is conducted without video. Remember also, that video can affect the sound quality.

Have your notes close

Make sure to have the board documents close. We recommend you have it on your tablet/iPad, or on one of your screens if you are working on several.

Use a collaboration platform to ensure that everyone in the meeting has access to the latest version of the meeting documents

Share the agenda with everyone

Share the agenda via screen sharing, ensuring everyone are aware which point of the agenda is being discussed.

Use a collaboration platform

Make sure everyone has the latest version of the board documents, to avoid misunderstandings. This can and should be done through a secure sharing platform, such as Admincontrol.

Share meeting minutes on a secure platform

It is not only important to ensure secure execution of online board meetings. Equally high focus on security should be the standard with regards to distribution of the agenda and meeting documents, prior to the virtual board meeting. This also applies when the meeting minutes are sent to the respective board members for approval and ultimately signed.

Now that digital meetings are becoming more common, it is a great advantage to be able to sign the documents electronically – within the board portal’s encrypted environment using your Bankid/NemID or via SMS.  Read more about e-signing.  

After the meeting, a board portal simplifies the process of sharing, approving and (electronic) signing of meeting minutes

Be careful with what you share by email!

It can be tempting to share minutes and board documents via email, but this practice we strongly advise against! Board documents are among the most sensitive information a company has, and if it goes astray it can have serious negative consequences. One obvious risk is the potential of business critical information being leaked , but you may also be in breach of laws and regulations.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a secure platform customized for sharing sensitive information Then you may be safe in the knowledge that confidential documents are shared in a compliant and secure manner.  Admincontrol’s technology, also allows you to communicate with other board members using Secure Messaging. The module provides the board a safe way to communicate efficiently.