Admincontrol has a new leader in place

1. What do you bring to Admincontrol? When did you start here?

– I have 15 years’ experience in sales and management, including 13 in a variety of roles in the Schibsted group. When I started at Admincontrol two years ago, I came from four years as Country Manager of another Nordic SaaS provider, Apsis, which sells digital communications solutions.

2. What made you accept the post of Admincontrol’s new leader?

– Christian Petersen’s invitation came as a huge surprise and I had to give serious consideration as to whether I really wanted to take over from such a highly valued and experienced leader. I thought about it for a while, but finally decided to accept. I know the company and my colleagues well and I am excited about the culture that Christian and all the rest have created here, I feel able to both sustain and refine this culture. I will also be developing my expertise in areas that were not previously my core competence, and I believe I can help further enhance customer satisfaction and growth for the company and its owners.

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3. With its solutions, Admincontrol has become the leading player in the Nordic region. What it is that underpins this success?

– I think it’s a combination of several things. We have a secure and user-friendly service, developed in close partnership with our customers to meet their actual needs. In addition, we have been able to recruit and retain excellent staff who are committed and professional and who make for an amazing workplace in all our office locations.  We have also benefited from the growing trend in the digitalisation of business – especially at executive Level.

4. What will be the biggest change for you personally in transitioning from sales director to managing director?

– The area of responsibility is much broader – both professionally and geographically – and it will be crucial to look to the horizon, think ahead and, with the management group and the rest of our staff, create the foundation for our continued success. There will be less customer contact, but I want to continue participating in arenas where I will meet our customers face to face and get their feedback and inputs.

5. Will you be offering anything new as the CEO?

– When the leadership changes, it is natural to see some difference in communication. I would like to convey a clear direction as to where Admincontrol is going and how we will get there. In other respects, things will be much the same, since my predecessor and I have the same views on how to work with people. I am highly focused on work culture and the working environment, and I believe I know what is required to preserve the good things we have that will promote our continued success. Otherwise, Admincontrol’s strategy and priorities have already been clearly set out, so it’s essentially a question of keeping up the good work at the requisite tempo on behalf of staff and customers, and our customers should not notice any major differences.

6. What do you think will be most exciting for Admincontrol in 2019?

– Further strengthening our position through ongoing product development and expansion into new markets will be important. 2019 is clearly set to be an exciting year for Admincontrol.

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