Five quick Q&As about Admincontrol’s IT strategy

What does Admincontrol emphasise in its IT strategy? How does the company prioritise in terms of what to develop? These are some of the questions this blog post answers.

As a highly ambitious company, Admincontrol is constantly seeking to enhance and improve its solutions. Morten Høyseth is the CTO of Admincontrol. Here he shares some thoughts about what the company emphasises most in its IT strategy, and how it prioritises what to develop.

1. Strategy: What do you emphasise most in Admincontrol’s IT strategy?
There are many elements to take into account in shaping Admincontrol’s IT strategy. Security, innovation, stability and user-friendliness are some that should be mentioned. Another key element in our IT strategy is keeping the technical debt to a minimum.  This means actively striving not to have out-of-date software, non-standard technology choices or errors in our system. Last but not least, scalability is important. If the system is to be scalable in line with the increasing user base, we must be able to facilitate this through sound technology choices.

2. Prioritisation: How do you prioritise what to develop?
Prioritisation is one of the most important things we do at Admincontrol. The prioritisation process must be efficient, thoughtful and transparent. Everyone in the organisation must understand what is most important and why. We are privileged to have active and interested customers and employees who are always providing good input for innovation and improvements, in addition to our own defined strategy. We consider all the inputs we receive, and those which promise customer value in the short or long term are added to our to-do list. It is always challenging to prioritise because prioritisation is about deciding not to do things. Ideally, everything could be done at once, but unfortunately this is impossible.

Throughout the entire organisation, we make demands on each other, challenge each other constructively, and deal with each other as people. This has produced a fun, exciting, innovative, positive and open working environment with excellent employee satisfaction, explains Morten Høyseth, Admincontrol’s CTO. Here he is together with Wiktor Adamów.

3. Expansion: Admincontrol has grown considerably in recent years. How do you manage this growth?
With an increasing customer base, we have also taken on more employees. In planning the resource side, it has been important to look at the interdependencies between the different roles and the business’s requirements as a whole. In our appointments, we look for people who will fit in in terms of their background and personality. This doesn’t mean they all have to be identical, but they must be motivated, act professionally, show respect for their colleagues and not least be capable of challenging each other constructively.

4. Working environment: What is it like being CTO of Admincontrol?
I value the  CTO role at Admincontrol highly. It’s an interesting position, combining board work, M&A processes and IT. There’s a strong focus on data security and user-friendliness, combined with growth and the high pressure of IT. It also gives me the opportunity to meet many interesting and knowledgeable people – customers, suppliers and colleagues. And this offers both motivation and continuous self-improvement.

Admincontrol’s CTO, Morten Høyseth, envisages high levels of activity in the years ahead.

5. The future: What can Admincontrol’s customers look forward to in the years ahead?
Customers will find our pace of development increasing going forward. On the IT side, we have focused on having little technical debt and building an efficient organisation. As I said before, we cannot develop everything at once, but we are building one brick at a time, choosing what produces the best value for customers. We pay close attention to feedback from our customers, for the best possible outcomes.
There will be high levels of activity at Admincontrol in the years ahead. We are happy about this, and we hope our customers will be too. Our Chief Product Officer, Kristoffer Munthe Aasebø, will talk more about what Admincontrol’s customers can actually look forward to in terms of new features and functionality in our next blog post, so don’t miss that!

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