Five quick questions to Eilert Giertsen Hanoa about the acquisition of Admincontrol

On the 4th of October, Visma announced that it had acquired Admincontrol. The news has been well received by customers and employees. Eilert Giertsen Hanoa is Director Software Unit in Visma’s SMB Division. Here, he shares some thoughts about what the future holds for our customers and the product offering.

1: Could you tell us about Visma?
– Visma is one of the Nordic Region’s leading supplier of software solutions and services to make businesses more efficient and provide them with a competitive edge. The company has more than 600,000 customers and 6,600 employees with offices in 10 countries. Our largest and most important markets are the Nordic Region and the Netherlands. We have enjoyed sound and profitable growth over the years, and in 2016 we had a turnover of NOK 7.8 billion.

2: Why did Visma decide to acquire Admincontrol? What caught your initial interest in the company?
– Admincontrol has established a strong position in a rapidly growing market. The acquisition will offer new possibilities and add value to customers in both companies, Admincontrol represents a new and exciting business area that we want to develop for existing customers as well as introducing it to Visma’s customers. This will allow Visma to offer a comprehensive toolbox for the finance function and executive management group in a wide range of companies. We will be able to work together to deliver the optimal customer experience through the market’s best software solutions.

Eilert Giertsen Hanoa is Director Software Unit in Visma’s SMB Division.

3: What makes Admincontrol unique?
– When we acquire a company, our focus is to identify opportunities for growing the business in partnership with Visma. We search for companies with good products and solid results. We have a strong focus on companies with management groups who have passion, knowledge and a deep understanding of what they do. That is our motivation for investing in and growing Admincontrol.

4: What will the acquisition mean for Admincontrol’s customers?
– Visma is a large company with a considerable capacity to invest in products and their ecosystems, such as training, security, partnership arrangements and so forth. We also envisage introducing Admincontrol to new markets and customer groups. Neither SMBs nor the public sector are new to Admincontrol but these are segments that we will target even more intensively.

5: Digitisation is probably one of this year’s top three buzzwords. What would you say to companies that have not already digitised their business?
– It is no longer a question of IF enterprises will digitise, but WHEN and HOW. Digitisation is now a must. Digitisation enables companies to improve their work processes, but also to offer better services. We already see that it is the companies working proactively with new technology that are generating the best results and coming out on top. It’s just a question of taking the first steps…

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