How a board portal can simplify everyday processes and tasks for international companies

Written by Camilla Celius

Working across national borders has become the norm today and, as Business Development Manager at Admincontrol, I am seeing more and more cases where companies have board members located in a different country from their head office. Our users are also increasingly using their board portal outside Norway’s national borders, which is testimony to the fact that our solutions both simplify and accelerate international board processes.

In this blog post, I explain a little about the challenges that I find international companies often encounter and how a board portal can simplify their everyday processes.

Board portals simplify everyday processes and tasks

Through my job, I continually meet board members from international companies. It always surprises me that so many companies are still sending sensitive board documents by e-mail or ordinary post, often as several consignments per board meeting. This is neither efficient nor particularly secure.  I also find that many of these companies have no control over who has access to which documents.

Challenges that I see many international companies struggling with:

  • Security is less than optimal
  • Obtaining signatures can be difficult
  • Lack of clarity and control
  • Sharing information by e-mail is time-consuming
  • Different time zones make communication difficult

Board portals make everyday processes and tasks easier

Fortunately, it is apparent that many international companies have realised that a board portal can help to overcome these very challenges. Their message to us is that their board portal has considerably simplified and streamlined their board processes. Everyone has secure access to the information they need wherever they are and they now have more clarity and control. They also feel confident that documents are stored in a secure place.

Celius adds that international companies from all sectors are using the board portal and that users amongst her customers are located in many different countries, such as Germany, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United States, South Africa and Dubai.

Five reasons why international companies should use a board portal:

1. Optimal security:
With a board portal, you have complete control over the distribution process and can control access to documents.  Everything takes place on a secure, encrypted platform, accessible only to the users you invite. Last year, we obtained ISO 27001:2013 certification of Admincontrol covering all our business processes and products. This is proof of the hard work we have put into maximising security at every stage of our service delivery. Admincontrol also has a secure app that is user-friendly for those who are frequently on the move. All the information in the app is protected and encrypted.

2. Signature:
If you’re trying to run an international company, it can sometimes be challenging to gather together all the signatures you need. Often, paperwork is forwarded in an envelope from one person to another until everyone has added their signature. This is both time-consuming and not very secure. For international companies, electronic signing is therefore particularly time-saving and useful.  With electronic signing, decisions can be made quickly and, most importantly, implemented while you are on the move – without becoming a bottleneck in the decision-making process. The e-signature solution has so far only been available in the Nordic region, but an alternative solution that will work in any market has now been launched (link til saken).

3. Complete control:
If your company distributes sensitive documents by e-mail, you will have no control over where the documents eventually end up.
Using a board portal gives companies complete control over where their documents are stored, even if their board members are located around in the world.

Board portals offer administrators complete control over who has access to what information and enable access to specific documents to be removed if necessary. Board portals also enable auditors to be given access to the company’s financial documents without granting them unrestricted access to other board documents at the same time.

4. Efficient:
Board members in international companies are often not in the same room, so it is vital that you have a platform which enables you to readily share and access information. For international companies, the benefits of implementing a board portal are evident before, during and after board meetings. Board members can use their portal to create and share memos, vote on important issues and access historical archives, regardless of the time zone or country they are in. Minutes can be signed electronically after a meeting and stored in digital format. The documents are always available, online and offline, in a secure, user-friendly solution, via a browser or app.

5. Training and support
The advantage of our digital world is that we can also run online training courses no matter where you are in the world. We have good experience of training companies where the division of work is spread across different countries. We would be glad to tailor our products and services to meet your specific needs and requirements and to put together a schedule with you. Good training is vital in order to get off to a positive start. We offer immediate 24-hour support. This ensures that time zones are not a challenge for us!

If you are facing any of the challenges I have outlined above, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion about how to streamline your board work.

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