New office in Amsterdam!

Meet our latest additions to the Admincontrol team! Marco Wesseling and Paolo Gambirasi will be heading up our new Amsterdam office.

Due to the success of opening our London office in 2019 and a continued interest for our products in other markets, Admincontrol has now expanded further and opened an office in the Netherlands.

Marco Wesseling and Paolo Gambirasi will be heading up the new office and they are both very excited to join the Admincontrol team.

–  We are so excited to be part of the Admincontrol family and we think there are huge opportunities to explore in the Netherlands since a lot of international companies have their headquarters and boards located here. It also helps that Admincontrol already has a good reputation and big market share in the Nordics.

Paolo Gambirasi is eager to join Admincontrol as Director for the Virtual Data Room business in Netherlands


Europe under Corona lock-down

Both Marco and Paolo have relevant and multiple years of experience within the cloud software services industry.

Now the pair of them will utilize the network and connections built up over the years to get in touch with the right people.

However, the opening of the office in the middle of the financial district in Amsterdam was nothing but normal since most of Europe is under a Corona lock-down.

– We have not been able to work from the new office or meet colleagues from the other markets lately, but we both have been amazed by how well the company and management have coped with the lock-down. Everything is running like close to normal. Luckily the company has installed collaboration tools that allow us to keep business as usual.

Easier to get hold of people

How was your first couple of weeks during lock-down?

– The most important part for us now at this stage is to talk to people and book meetings to make companies aware of what services Admincontrol can offer – because they need them. We want to speak to senior level people and normally they don’t have much time, but now they pick up the phone. We have never experienced anything like it previously. Everyone is much more approachable and have more time. Our first few weeks have been surprisingly good even though the circumstances have been very challenging.

Have people opened up their eyes for digital collaboration tools during this time?

–  Yeah, that’s obvious. People need to work more digitally and efficient when they are working from home. In the Netherlands like the Nordic countries, we have come quite far with regards to digitalization, and people are generally willing to try new solutions. That is promising for us.

Marco Wesseling is Admincontrol’s new Director of Board Portal business in the Netherlands

The solution is secure, affordable and transparent

Why would you recommend companies in the Netherlands to contact Admincontrol?

– We offer a solution that is simple to use for the board and all parties in a due diligence process. Admincontrol develops solutions from a user-perspective so it is easy to use with an intuitive interface – either you are new or experienced in the game. We also want to highlight that the support and service we provide are readily available for our clients 24/7 365 days a year. We help to streamline and simplify complicated processes, and in the end, this is what matters most to our customers. The solution is secure, affordable, transparent, and all the data is stored in Norway.

Admincontrol’s Managing Director, Møyfrid Øygard, is also excited about opening a new office in Amsterdam

Excited about our new office

Admincontrol’s Managing Director, Møyfrid Øygard, is also excited about opening a new office in Amsterdam.

– Bringing our business and great products to the Netherland is in line with our ambitious growth strategy. The Netherlands has shown great potential and we aim to capitalize on the new opportunities we are seeing. We will be targeting both the private and public sector. I am looking forward to following Admincontrol’s growth story in the Netherlands,  says Øygard.

Would you like to have a talk to us?

Marco Wesseling: Business Development Director
Board portal at Admincontrol
e-post: [email protected]
+31 612801003

Paolo Gambirasi: Business Development Director
Virtual Data Room at Admincontrol
e-post: [email protected]

Facts about Admincontrol
Admincontrol is a leading player in the Nordic market and is focused on providing highly secure, yet easy-to-use software solutions for secure collaboration. The company is ISO 27001:2013 certified and has a best-in-class customer renewal rate of 98 per cent. All data is stored on dedicated servers in Norway. Admincontrol was bought by Visma in 2017.