One year in the chair

In January 2019 Møyfrid Øygard took on the role as the Managing Director of Admincontrol. She has spent her first year getting Admincontrol`s priorities and vision clearly set out, which is all about providing the ultimate solution for decision-makers. Read more about our new vision and Møyfrid`s experiences so far in this interview.

–  First, what is Admincontrol`s new vision? And how did you come up with it?

– Our vision is that we believe that our future depends on the quality of decisions, and our mission is to provide the ultimate solution for decision makers. In practice this means that we offer a smart and secure collaboration platform for boards, management and other key stakeholders, where they can access, share, discuss and process information efficiently.

Møyfrid Øygard, Managing Director in Admincontrol

Øygard explains that the whole company contributed in a number of workshops aiming to identify the true purpose of Admincontrol and nailing down a good overall vision.

–  So, how do you jump-start a busy day to make sure that you are best prepared to make quality decisions?

– What I need to make a good decision is simple: a good night’s sleep, a walk with my dog and a light breakfast, accompanied by a glass of water.

– Can you tell us how Admincontrol’s solutions empower decision-making?

– We believe that good decision-making is all about accessing the right information at the right time. In Admincontrol, our mission is to provide the ultimate solution for decision-makers. If what we do does not enhance the moment of a decision, we don’t do it. On top of that we have passionate staff who are always ready to help their customers. The enthusiasm our employees show towards our customers every day is truly unique.

– Admincontrol has very good satisfaction rate from its customers, and a 98-per-cent customer renewal rate from year to year. What feedback have you received so far?

– Daily, we get direct feedback from our customers about how helpful our employees are. In my opinion, this is the best feedback we can get. It is our passionate employees who make the difference. And our solutions help people to have better, more efficient workdays.

– Companies in the Nordic regions are well known for being at the forefront of practicing sustainable development. Can you tell us how Admincontrol contributes to this philosophy in terms of its products and corporate strategies? 

– The Nordic region is known for being in the forefront of practicing digitalization. Admincontrol has been a big contributor towards making due-diligence processes and boardrooms more digital, which represents sustainable development.

– Can you give us a glimpse into how Admincontrol’s management team make decisions?

– In Admincontrol, we are using our own solutions, we have a great deal of openness, and involve each other in discussions and in making good foundations for decision-making.

–  What is the best decision you have made so far for yourself and for the company?

–   The best decision I have made personally is to say yes to becoming Managing Director of Admincontrol in 2018. As a company, we dare to be ambitious and to make tough decisions. I also think geographic expansion has been important and a result of being ambitious.