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What you should know as a board member

The Board of Directors is the company’s supreme body and must play an active role in its management. The board must provide for prudent organisation of the company and ensure that plans, budgets and policies are determined for the operation of the business. Added to this is the more traditional role of the board as a controlling entity. A directorship comes with many obligations and responsibilities, and many of the board’s duties are explicitly regulated in law.

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Board – by all means do not stick to what you do best

Analysts often claim that companies that do not ‘focus enough on their core activities’ are being run badly or even recklessly. But what does this really mean? Technology is advancing at a furious pace. Digitalising existing arrangements and streamlining current operations is no longer enough. What the vast majority of companies require is a digital transformation where we use technology as a driving force behind genuine change and restructuring. My argument, therefore, is that companies that are not developing in step with technological capabilities are operating recklessly.

Blog post written by Toril Nag 

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