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How a board portal can simplify everyday processes and tasks for international companies

Written by Camilla Celius

Working across national borders has become the norm today and, as Business Development Manager at Admincontrol, I am seeing more and more cases where companies have board members located in a different country from their head office. Our users are also increasingly using their board portal outside Norway’s national borders, which is testimony to the fact that our solutions both simplify and accelerate international board processes.

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5 good reasons to go paperless in your board room

As board work is becoming increasingly professionalised, so the board portal is finding its natural place in the board room.  Around 75 percent of stock-exchange-listed companies in the Nordics have a board portal and increasingly more SMEs are also discovering the benefits of going digital at board level.
Are you still on the fence? Here are five good reasons to switch your board papers to a board portal:

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