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Admincontrol supports Sabonas new Development Centre

Last year we had a blog post about corporate social responsibility. We introduced Sabona, our long-term partner, and some of their projects we are supporting. As sponsors, we are focused on ensuring that our funding reaches those in need and that the projects are sustainable.

Sabona organizes their projects and plans their exit-strategies in a matter that allows the locals to get the start-up help they need and the tools to take over and run the projects themselves. Projects are initiated by the locals and further funded if sustainability measures are met. In this way, the projects benefit the community while also creating jobs and educational opportunities.

This post is an update on the main project from last year, and we are also introducing an exciting new project which we are now a part of.

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Due Diligence and GDPR: How to stay compliant during a transaction

This year`s enforcing of the EU`s new General Protection Regulation(GDPR), will place concerns for data privacy and security firmly at the top of the board and management`s agenda.  Are you aware that the GDPR will also affect mergers and acquisitions? If the potential acquisition target does business in Europe or deals with data related to European citizens, you need to take the company’s GDPR compliance or readiness into account during the due diligence-process. 

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Are boards on board with digital?

Blog post by: Turid Elisabeth Solvang, Founder & CEO FutureBoards.

We are in a perfect storm of perpetual change. Around us, technology, business models, and markets are transforming at unprecedented speed, changing the very bones on which business and industry are built. Boards must learn while on the watch to navigate these unfamiliar and treacherous waters. What is at stake is their company’s future.

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