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Major focus on product development at Admincontrol

Kristoffer Munthe Aasbø is Chief Product Officer at Admincontrol. His most important task is to ensure that the company identifies, prioritises and develops the best solutions that meet our customers’ expectations. Here he shares his experiences with us and gives us his take on how Admincontrol stays in the driving seat in terms of product development, plus details on some of the things our customers can look forward to in 2019.

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E-signature for all markets

In just a year, almost 1.100 Admincontrol customers have started to use e-signature, and over 31.000 documents have been signed in the Nordic countries alone. An alternative e-signature process, which is not based on eID, is now available. It will be possible to use this service in all markets.

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Five reasons for choosing an ISO-certified supplier

Becoming an ISO-certified business is a long and time-consuming process. So at Admincontrol, we are both proud and very happy to have been certified earlier this year to ISO 27001:2013.
But what are the actual benefits for you as a customer in choosing an ISO-certified supplier? This is what we’ll look at in this blog post.

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