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Due Diligence Checklist

Due Diligence Checklist

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What is a due diligence-process?

Due diligence is a critical core aspect of restructuring activities, company divestments and the evaluation of new strategic partnerships. The company must be prepared to disclose everything from customer contacts to bonus agreements, patent certificates and much more. This process is crucial for the final valuation of the company. Control of all relevant documents is a good starting point in a due diligence. But what documents do you need to include in the process? Get our free due diligence checklist here!

Download our due diligence checklist

To learn more about what documents you need to include in a financial or legal due diligence.

Effective due diligence

Control of all relevant documents is a sound basis, but the important thing to consider is that they will have to be shared with interested parties who are not part of the company. In addition to storing and structuring data, a data room’s role is also to ensure that the data can be securely shared in confidence with external parties. Efficient access control is absolutely critical once the project is under way and different parties are to be invited into the data room to inspect information and documents. Another critical aspect of due diligence is the question and answer facility (Q&A). Large numbers of questions have to be answered in a controlled and efficient manner. An agile Q&A module is core functionality for a good data room solution like Admincontrol. All user activity in the data room is logged and made available through reports.

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