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Data Rooms from Admincontrol

Fast & secure dealmaking

Fast & easy set up

Have your data room up and running in minutes

Secure collaboration

Secure in-team communication with Secure Message

Ai integration

Speed up M&A due diligence reviewing process

Task Management

Improving efficienty and tracability to the document uploading and reviewing process

The use of Admincontrol’s Data Rooms has played a crucial part in the many successful deals for our clients. Overall, we are always happy to recommend and choose Admincontrol as our client’s data room provider.

Kristin Bratengen, Director, Oaklins Norway
due diligence checklist

We streamline due diligence

and facilitate simple and secure information sharing

We offer data rooms tailored to document sharing, process support and access control within due diligence and other business-critical processes.

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Folder Wizard

Have your data room up and running in minutes

Our folder wizard is a dynamic and user-friendly tool that lets you build your initial folder structure in the data room, either from one of our templates, or from scratch.

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Secure Messaging

Encrypted communication within the M&A team

A transaction process typically involves many discussions and clarifications. Communications between team members and their advisors often take place by email and other insecure channels. The Secure Messaging module provides a safe, encrypted alternative.

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Learn more about how data rooms and AI speed up M&A due dilgence and dealmaking in this guide