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How to choose a feature-rich AND user-friendly board portal

It goes without saying that board members are busy people who need to be highly effective. That’s why they turn to tools such as board portal platforms for support. All too often, technology buying decisions are made based primarily on functionality and feature comparison. However, a platform that isn’t intuitive and doesn’t speed things up is not going to deliver results. In order to identify the best solution, organisations need to ensure that they are evaluating the options based on performance and practicality.
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Key considerations when choosing a board portal

It’s fair to say that technology plays a pivotal role in helping modern organisations meet their objectives. Whether they want to save money, improve compliance, gain efficiencies (or all of the above) its support can be critical.

With so much relying on the solutions that we choose, knowing how to evaluate platforms and identify the best fit is crucial. We’ve put together a list of key considerations to help you with this when choosing a board portal platform.
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Do you need a board portal?

The way that we do business is changing.

An increasingly competitive landscape is making efficient collaboration crucial to success. Remote working is on the up. Security and compliance are under scrutiny. Management burdens are increasing, with a survey finding that directors are spending increasingly more time on their tasks – and yet still think they could benefit from working even more.

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