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DATA ROOMS – Document sharing, process support and access control for due diligence and other business-critical projects.

Data rooms from Admincontrol are custom-designed to streamline and support due diligence processes. In the data room, the company can share confidential documentation and perform Q&A rounds in a user-friendly, intuitive and secure environment. The data room is designed to provide easy-to-use procedures for all parties.

The solution ensures rapid, transparent and secure information sharing when conducting, for example, M&A transactions, restructurings, stock exchange listings, capital injections, procurements and outsourcing.

Some of the benefits of using data room from Admincontrol

•    The data room is built around a streamlined process and is user-friendly and intuitive
•    Structure and control of data and sensitive documents
•    Secure interaction and sharing outside of the enterprise
•    Clean Room functionality for Clean Teams
•    Access and support available, 24/7/365
•    Dedicated client manager assistance during start-up and throughout the entire process

Datarom - Virtual Data room - due diligence


Due diligence is a critical core aspect of restructuring activities, company divestments and the evaluation of new strategic partnerships. The company must be prepared to disclose everything from customer contacts to bonus agreements, patent certificates and much more. This process is crucial for the final valuation of the company. Sales processes are sometimes initiated on short notice, and they are always in addition to day-to-day operations and activities. We know this is very demanding for the company, and have designed our data rooms to easily facilitate this work as much as possible. In addition, we have clear recommendations for how you should proceed in the due diligence process in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

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In some cases, strategic processes come in from the sidelines and due diligence ideally has to be performed immediately. In other cases, the process is planned over several years. It is becoming more and more common for changes of ownership and financing to be incorporated into strategies and business plans, so why not ensure that you are well-prepared? We call this pre-due diligence and in reality it is about defining a dependable structure for business-critical information and documents. The benefit of having full control of this information is that you are then able to spend time and energy on the interested parties, instead of gathering, producing and making content available once the process is already under way. This will increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for the company.

Control of all relevant documents is a sound basis for due diligence. The important thing to consider is that they will have to be shared with interested parties who are not part of the company. In addition to storing and structuring data, a data room’s role is also to ensure that the data can be securely shared in confidence with external parties. Efficient access control is absolutely critical once the project is under way and different parties are to be invited into the data room to inspect information and documents. Another critical aspect of due diligence is the question and answer facility (Q&A). Large numbers of questions have to be answered in a controlled and efficient manner. An agile Q&A module is core functionality for a good data room solution like Admincontrol. All user activity in the data room is logged and made available through reports.

With Admincontrol, you also get your own consultant to assist with all the necessary functionality. Your most business-critical projects are safe with us.

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Datarom - Virtual Data room


Admincontrol’s data rooms are used in a variety of situations. The common denominator is that business-critical information and documents need to be structured and shared across different groups of people, including some from the outside of the enterprise.

This necessitates an efficient solution that provides secure storage and transparent access 24/7/365.

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• M&A
• Capital injections
• Stock exchange listing
• Procurement
• Outsourcing
• Property transactions
• Bankruptcy


Privacy and security are paramount to Admincontrol and something that concern most of our clients. We have a continuous focus on security at all levels; from product development and daily operations to decommissioning of IT equipment.


The security measures ensure that customer data is kept safe and secure and is available only to registered users with access privileges. Users without the right privileges have no access to the customer data. If devices with offline data go astray, they can easily be deleted using remote wipe. All employees in Admincontrol are security cleared and may be listed on customers’ insider list if desired.

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On a regular basis, Admincontrol orders an independent auditor’s report (ISAE 3402) regarding the control environment at Admincontrol, including potential security issues. The audit is performed by certified IT auditors.

Systems development
When developing, Admincontrol make use of the OWASP security guidelines, which is a standard for performing application-level security verifications. Admincontrol continually evaluate security on the production systems and servers. Admincontrol utilises Microsoft® .NET technology for developing secure Internet applications.

Access control
Admincontrol provides each user a unique user name and password that must be entered each time a user logs on. The password is not stored in the database as clear text. Admincontrol only stores the hashed password, ensuring the highest possible password protection. In addition, an auto-generated code on the user’s mobile phone (SMS two factor solution) is sent out for each time the user logs on. Admincontrol issues a session cookie to record encrypted authentication information for the duration of a specific session. The session cookie does not include either the username or password of the user, only an encoded session ID. When customers are granted access to the portal, all information including username and password are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. The 256bit encryption protects the documents and other information when it is transported between your computer and the server.

User privileges are role-based and give rights to relevant folder level. All information is linked to folders, including information about meetings and decisions. To be included in a given role, the customer’s user administrator assigns rights to relevant users

Document security
Documents can only be accessed through the Admincontrol applications. All PDF documents are read in a browser that does not leave readable traces of your document on the client machine. The reader’s “cache” is deleted when the document is closed.

The customer’s administrator can control the printing rights to each document, and select whether the documents should be available for download, or only to be read in the secure PDF reader.

Data Centre security
The data centres of Admincontrol are operated according to a ‘Best-of-Breed’ policy by only using hardware, software and middleware from leading manufactures on the market. The rooms used are further protected with the following security measures:

• Raised Floor
• Monitoring system, e.g. moisture and fire sensors
• Temperature control
• UPS with diesel generator backup
• Fire extinguishing equipment

All access to buildings and rooms is logged in an access control system. Furthermore, all access to rooms is video monitored. Only authorised people have access to the physical equipment that runs the portals.

Security monitoring and testing
All user activities are logged in the application log with date, time, IP address, user and information about whether the login was successful or not. This includes the opening, changing, deleting and creating of new documents, meetings and tasks. Furthermore, all user activity on the Web server and the operating system is logged. Finally, Admincontrol has dedicated firewalls and traffic logs in and out from the servers. All traffic is monitored in real time to detect and block threats (IDS/IPS solution), and all warnings from the detection system are analysed by security experts in a 24-7-365 Security Operation Center.

Regularly, Admincontrol orders an in-depth security analysis performed by an external independent third party IT security company. The analysis includes both application and infrastructure regarding the portals. The purpose is to uncover vulnerabilities that can be used in possible hacker attacks, and to remedy vulnerabilities as quickly and efficiently as possible.




Question and answer sessions. Advanced Q&A module with options for exporting, delegating and subscribing to questions and answers.


The option to download the entire data room once the process has been completed.

Annotations and comments

The same possibilities as on paper: annotate, sign and write notes and comments on your documents.


All documents are stored in a digital archive with search functionality.

Process overview

Complete process overview, real-time reports and control of users.

Drag & Drop

Easy organization of content and documents.

Common login

For participation in different projects.

Offline mode

Option to download documents and work on them without internet access in the iPad and iPhone app.


Complete overview, logs and reporting of usage and users.


Market-leading security mechanisms. ISO 27001:2013 certified.

24/7 support

We provide assistance and support 24/7/365.

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