Meeting Book gets
meetings organised

Save time and resources

Create and publish agendas digitally

Keep everything in one place

Upload and store meeting documents and attachments in the folder structure

Important items are easily accessible

Upload meeting documents in the folder so they can be found quickly

Meeting attachments are always in the right place

Assign documents to specific agenda items to avoid confusion

Control access to sensitive documents

User permissions are customisable to prevent confidentiality issues

Set up a meeting in minutes

Getting your agenda organised is simple with Meeting Book. First upload meeting documents to the relevant folder and then the Meeting Book feature will guide you through the digital agenda creation process. You can use a previous agenda as a template to save time and once you’re ready, publish it to all attendees with a single click.

Meeting documents at your fingertips

Having meeting items and information in one place saves you valuable time and effort. Meeting Book ensures board members always have the documents they need in the meeting folder. That means no more wasting time searching computers for saved files or printing off endless copies of updated documents.  

Meeting Book helps you stay in control 

Once meetings are published and the agenda finalised, admins can opt to update users via SMS, email, or push notifications, or if preferred to choose not to send notifications. Administrators can also manage user access to confidential documents and see full access history to always feel in control.  

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