Preparation is key

Organise your data room with Preparation Portal from Admincontrol

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What is a preparation portal?

A preparation portal is a restricted platform used only by your internal teams and advisers, allowing you to get prepared and organised prior to inviting a buyer group to join. This ensures a smooth and professional approach to due diligence.

Due diligence efficiency

Helps you get organised as early as possible for the complex and time-consuming due diligence process

Intelligent pricing

Pay only for what you need in the preparation stage – get all the features and benefits of a full data room at a reduced cost per month

Automatic upgrade

Automatically upgrades to a full data room as soon as you invite a third-party to join

A powerful tool to get you ahead of schedule

From seeking corporate investment to business restructuring, Preparation Portal gets you off to the best start by storing and indexing vital information in one secure platform

Get ahead with a preparation portal

Low monthly cost

Only pay for what you need during preparation work

Unlimited data volume

No need to worry about what size data room you’ll need

Unlimited internal users

Collaborate with multiple teams across your business

Easy set up

Purchase directly from our webshop and set up in minutes

Automatic upgrade

Your preparation portal will upgrade to a data room when you invite third-party users to join

Localised support

A dedicated account manager and 24/7 localised support are included

Resources and guides

Free due diligence checklist

A useful summary of the documents you’ll need for legal or financial due diligence

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A look at how dealmaking can benefit from AI and machine learning

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Why choose Admincontrol?

Our expertise

We’re experts in smart, secure and intuitive digital collaboration tools designed for deal-makers

Our security

We continuously invest our time and resources in critical security technologies

Our support

We offer friendly and localised technical and product support 24/7, 365 days a year

Our passion

We’re passionate about environmental sustainability committed to reducing our emissions, waste and travel

Discover Preparation Portal from Admincontrol

Your data room for preliminary due diligence work at a low monthly cost