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Admincontrol has a new leader in place

Following Christian Petersen’s decision to resign his position as Admincontrol’s CEO in December 2018, after 13 years in the job, a new and highly motivated replacement has taken up the reins. Møyfrid Øygard is looking forward to embracing her remit as new head of the company. – I’m proud and thrilled to have been given the opportunity to take up the leadership role. In 2019, we will be maintaining our focus on customers and product development, while also expanding into new markets.

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New challenges ahead

After 13 years at Admincontrol, CEO Christian Petersen’s journey is reaching its end. He has new challenges on the horizon. More than anything, he will miss the company culture and the colleagues who, over the years, have accompanied him along the way.

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Major focus on product development at Admincontrol

Kristoffer Munthe Aasbø is Chief Product Officer at Admincontrol. His most important task is to ensure that the company identifies, prioritises and develops the best solutions that meet our customers’ expectations. Here he shares his experiences with us and gives us his take on how Admincontrol stays in the driving seat in terms of product development, plus details on some of the things our customers can look forward to in 2019. 

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