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Review: M&A trends for 2017

In contrast to the global M&A trend in 2017 (M&A dipped 3.2% in value compared to 2016), the Nordic market recorded its most active year on the Mergermarket records(since 2001). Consequently, the Nordics’ share of the total European M&As for 2017 stood at an all-time high sales, accounting for 12.5% of activity, ahead of both France and Italy (source: Mergermarkets “Global & Regional M&A Report FY 2017”).

In Admincontrol, we also noted a significant volume of M&A activity in the Nordic markets. 2017 was a strong year for Admincontrol and we saw a 27% increase in total sales for Virtual Data Rooms in the Nordic markets compared to 2016. This positive trend is continuing in 2018 where we had an “all-time high” in January in terms of data rooms sold.

Looking at last year more closely, we have noted the following trends:

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How to build a successful business – over and over again

Blog post by Espen Bordvik, Head of Virtual Data Rooms at Admincontrol 

Would you be able to build a business from zero revenues and a couple of employees to a viable business with more than 50 employees and €10M turnover? And if you already did, would you be able to do it all over again? That’s exactly what Mikael Hedlöf is doing. After helping out building up Samport Payment Services, the company was acquired and became  a part of Nordic Capitals Bambora in 2014. Now, he is working as chairman for another Private Equity-owned company called OpenSolution Group.


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Norden har de mest digitale landene i verden

… men mange små og mellomstore selskaper har fortsatt en lang vei å gå når det kommer til datasikkerhet.

I Digibarometer-undersøkelsen ble Norge i 2017 kåret til verdens mest digitale land. Hakk i hel fulgte Finland, Sverige og Danmark. Det er finske Etlatieto, en gren av forskningsinstitusjonen Etla, som har undersøkt og sammenlignet hvordan et 20-talls land utnytter digitalisering. Etlatieto har sett på forutsetninger for digitalisering i landene, hvordan digitalisering utnyttes i dag, og hvilke effekter det har. Det er undersøkt hvordan digitaliseringen tar form i virksomheter, for privatpersoner og i offentlig sektor.

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