The buyers guide to board portals

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To find out what to look for in a board portal and learn what questions to ask a potential supplier as well as the crucial answers to expect. All to equip you with the knowledge to choose an effective platform that suits your business needs.

Importance of a board portal

A board portal is a document sharing and collaboration tool for board members, administration and other stakeholders in the company. A must-have for organisations that want to improve the efficiency and quality of senior level communications while saving time, money and keeping security impenetrable.

Leading directors are high risk targets for security hackers, it’s imperative for information on your board of directors and your company to remain secure. Implementing a board portal platform and eliminating e-mail is a more secure and cost-effective way of preparing, running and following up on board meetings. One of these platforms allows users to work paperless and efficiently, saving the company valuable time, money and resource otherwise used in the printing and shipping of board packs throughout the year. Board portals help streamline the entire process, making them an invaluable tool to the companies success.