Avoiding Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks: Companies need to be on alert & take security seriously

Security is a topic that should be on the agenda and discussed right up to board level in the organisation, in enterprises both large and small.

If you don’t have proper security systems in place, you are obviously much more vulnerable to cyberattack from outside. In today’s world, security is something all companies should take seriously

Ole Martin Refvik, Head of Security, Admincontrol

Three tips for achieving good information security

By taking certain precautions, you can reduce the chance of your company suffering a cyberattack. Ole Martin Refvik, Head of Security at Admincontrol, shares his top-three advice:

1. Management must take security seriously!
Stop thinking “this won’t happen to me”, because anyone can be hit by a cyberattack. Develop a security culture and systems for protecting the company against future attacks. Security is a topic that needs to be moved up the agenda and right up to the company’s top echelon.

2. Adopt user-friendly and tried-and-tested security solutions!
If you choose sharing platforms that give security the highest priority, you will have full control over all your sensitive data. You will control who can access the different documents, and can also receive reports showing who has been in to read them.

3. Train your employees!
All employees should receive training in everything from creating secure passwords to knowing which documents can be safely opened and which should not be. It is crucial for security to become second nature to EVERYONE in the company.

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10 tips to avoid cyberattack

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