Finding opportunity in energy transition

In Europe, the transition to renewables will see infrastructure investment reach almost €300bn in 2025 (McKinsey), generating significant opportunities across the sector.

In the energy industry, there’s interest in the power of digitisation to drive efficiency, build greater customer satisfaction, and boost revenue growth. Although investment in these technologies remains comparatively slow, there’s growing acceptance that deployment of data and intelligent automation solutions is a top priority.

Our panel will examine the barriers to investment and tackle the important questions around how we manage this transformation. They will discuss the new role of technology in streamlining processes, facilitating due diligence, and unlocking the value in data to make better business decisions.

Our expert panel

  • Adriaan Kamp, Founder, Energy for One World – Over two decades in key international business development and management roles for upstream oil and gas. Today, Adriaan leads Energy for One World
  • Nicholas Ross-Mccall, Partner, Energy Finance, CMS – Nicholas has represented sponsors and lenders on the development and financing of energy and infrastructure projects for over 15 years
  • Mari Nygård, Head of Data Rooms, Admincontrol – Mari leads Admincontrol’s Data Rooms team, ensuring business leaders have secure access to insight that powers strategic and decision making
  • Moderated by Jon Whiteaker, Senior editor at Investment Monitor focusing on FDI in the energy sector

Panel event: Finding opportunity in energy transition

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