Board Secretary: 22 steps to become a better board secretary


As a board secretary, you can make life easier for members of the board. You can help them in their contribution to value creation for the company and reduce the risk of them encountering challenges associated with their board responsibility.

As a board secretary, you have both the power and the possibility to influence decisions.

Download our checklist to see what you should pay particular attention to when you are a board secretary. This will help you on your way to succeeding in your role as a board secretary.

Checklist: 22 steps to make you a better board secretary

Download our checklist here.
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Video of Admincontrol`s Board Portal

With a Board Portal app you can work more efficient as a board secretary with board documents.  Check out the video to see our app in action.

With a Board Portal app you can work more efficient as a board secretary with board documents.