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How do you ensure secure communication within the M&A team?

During a project the members of the seller team or buyer team(s) are likely to have topics they need to discuss within the team.

Our experience is that this communication often takes place on non-secure channels, with the risk of jeopardizing the deal. With Secure Messaging you can easily discuss with your team directly in the Data Room.


What is Secure Messaging?

The Secure Messaging module enables users of the Data Room to send and receive confidential messages within the platform. It’s a hybrid between mail and chat, allowing users to communicate securely within their respective teams.

Secure Messaging is purpose-built to facilitate the communication related to a project within a buyer OR a seller team.

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Max Merger 11:11

How can we enable secure communication within the M&A team?

Anna Acquisitions 11:12

Let’s enable Secure Messaging from Admincontrol. It’s included with their Data Room offers!

What is the cost of Secure Messaging?

The Secure Messaging module is included in Admincontrol’s Data Room offerings free of charged.

So, there is really no reason to discuss transaction topics in non-secure channels anymore, is there?

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