Watch out for fake emails

Fake emails are a common method used by cyber criminals. They pretend to be coming from a trusted party such as Admincontrol with the intention of luring you into revealing information they can use in an attack against you or your company.  To fake the sender of an email is unfortunately easy to do.  

One typical technique is that attackers get hold of similar-looking domains to pretend the email is coming from a specific party that you may already trust. In this way, the attacker can configure the domain to pass through common protection measures that your IT department or provider have configured to filter out malicious and harmful emails.

To ensure that you are not becoming a victim of such attacks, you should look at the sender address in the email and check that it’s coming from a valid domain.

In Admincontrol we only send emails from the following domains:


If you happen to receive an email which looks to be from Admincontrol but where the domain is not or, then it’s probably not from Admincontrol.

Therefore, please take some time to check the actual sender address in the email. Other things in the email you should also be aware of:

  • Strange or unusual requests
  • Attempts on creating fear
  • Unusual links
  • Spelling mistakes or inaccurate language

Examples of fake domains

  •  – this domain does not belong to Admincontrol
  •  –  the actual domain is “”
  •    – “i” replaced with “l” which may be misinterpreted and is hard to spot
  • – “e” added to the domain name which may be misinterpreted and is hard to spot