Annual plan

Improved decision-making with well-prepared and effective board meetings. 

Overview and control 

Key topics are prioritized throughout the year

Realistic time management 

Focus on key topics and not ad hoc tasks

Shared priorities 

Better understanding of priorities for upcoming meetings

Better preparation 

Focus on the agenda for efficient meetings and progress 

Competence assessment 

Plan for external support if needed

The advantages of annual planning 

Boards today face many challenges like adapting to digital changes, dealing with cybersecurity, following strict rules, and handling environmental and social issues. In addition, many boards may find their agenda dominated by ad hoc matters or retrospective tasks, such as operational and financial reporting. This makes it challenging for boards to find the ideal balance between time spent on control and supervision duties and time dedicated to value-adding activities. 

Improved control with a clear meeting structure

Plan the board’s meetings for a whole year with the new annual plan module.

Board administrators can set up and add key topics to provide a clear overview of the yearly meeting schedule. The key topics will also be visible in the meeting overview and meeting description for improved control and planning. Board administrators can share an annual plan with board members for better preparation and expectations for the upcoming meetings, making preparations more efficient.   

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