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Reliably block out sensitive information in documents, either manually or using the keyword search function

“We are satisfied that our sensitive information is safe and secure – that is probably the main thing. We can work more efficiently with shared information across continents and the various companies in our group. It is also much easier for us to compile information and point trusted partners to the information they need to help push our project forward – those people could be anyone from our auditors to potential investors or research partners. That aspect saves us a huge amount of time.”

Lennart Dreyer, CEO of CarryGenes Management AB

Resources and guides

Free due diligence checklist

A useful summary of the documents you’ll need for legal or financial due diligence

Deal Hub: Tailor-made for dedicated partners

Brace yourself for a new era of efficiency and timesaving!

Half of all M&A deals fail, don’t be another statistic

Why so many deals fail and 5 steps to a more effective M&A process

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