Partnership learnings

From the Admincontrol and Dealsuite partnership

Six months into the partnership between Admincontrol and Dealsuite, we have had a look at our customers so far. Here is what we found:

The average due diligence process time has been three months, including preparations.

The average data room storage has been less than 200 MB. This offering will be suited for smaller and more complex processes.

The average cost per data room is EUR 680. With a monthly subscription you only pay for the needed time period. 

“All Dealsuite customers who used the data room were satisfied with their usage. Because of the tailored offering, Dealsuite customers can benefit from the best price in the market.”

Preparation is key 

Preparing for a due diligence process is time-consuming and a complex process. Having a data room in place early in the process enables better preparation to ensure a full overview of all required documentation. Many companies also undertake a seller’s due diligence and being one step ahead having already completed an internal review before other stakeholders come into the picture gives the best foundation for an efficient process.   

 Find the solution that matches your needs

Finding the right data room for you is important in order to run an efficient due diligence. Here are a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

Where in the process are you? 

Are you well ahead with due diligence or are you in the early stages of a process? Select a data room that is tailored to the stage of the process that you are in. There are also several benefits using a preparation portal in advance of a due diligence to ensure that all steps of a process is handled in the most professional and efficient manner. 

Data safety and security

Make sure that you find a provider that offers the highest security standards to mitigate risks of breaches or unintentional disclosure of delicate information. Using a professional data room with high security standards rather than a low-cost file sharing solution is not only safer but also considerably more efficient.  

Do not pay more than you need

Make sure that you have needed functionality included in the data room and that payment and subscription terms align with the length and complexity of your process.   

Questions about our partnership

The global strategic partnership of Dealsuite and Admincontrol is combining the strengths of Dealsuite’s leading M&A platform and Admincontrol’s world-class virtual data room solution. 

No, confidentiality is of course key and guaranteed. Admincontrol owns, builds and develops the solution on their own platform. Dealsuite is offering a gateway to Admincontrol’s secured domain that leads to a tailored web shop for Dealsuite customers. Being in Admincontrol’s domain also ensures that no information will be disclosed to any party. 

Our model only has one pricing marker: storage. That means that we are very transparent and predictable in costs. For Dealsuite customers we have selected a full package based with a sufficient amount of storage that will suit 95% of all situations.  

Of course. If you are the advisory company that selects the data room you also can chose to have us invoicing the target company directly. Just complete the invoicing details and provide the administrator information and you’re all set to go. 

Three months of full usage, starting with Preparation Portal and a full due diligence process will have a total cost of EUR 680:

•Unlimited users + 250MB (= approx. 6000 documents)  

•Additional months only EUR 340 / month 

•Need more storage? The data room storage automatically adopts any size you need; i.e 500 MB total for only additional EUR 150 / month 

The exclusive Dealsuite offer includes unlimited users and 250MB (=approx. 6000 document). We see that until now, no Dealsuite customer has exceeded this limit.

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