Preparation portal

Tired of complex and time-consuming M&A preparations?

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What is a preparation portal and how do you get started?

Selling a company is a time-consuming and complex process. Having a data room in place early in the process gives you time to prepare properly and get a complete overview of the documentation required. Many companies also undertake a seller’s due diligence, so as to have performed an internal review before other stakeholders come into the picture.

A preparation portal is a restricted data room containing all the necessary functions for preliminary work and preparations before potential buyer groups are invited into the data room.

What is included in a preparation portal?

Admincontrol’s preparation packages include:

  • Unlimited data volume
  • Unlimited users
  • Setup and indexing
  • 30 minutes of training and project management from a dedicated Client Manager
  • Easy upgrade to full data room

When should you start?

There are no blueprints for this, but a good piece of general advice is to begin preparations as early as possible, since you never know when an opportunity may present itself.

Our customers typically use a preparation portal for 1-6 months before the portal is upgraded to a full data room and opened up to buyer groups.

We are also seeing certain use cases where the portal is deployed over several years. Within Private Equity, it is not uncommon to open such a portal shortly after the company has been added to the PE portfolio and to use it during the entire period of ownership.

22%of Admincontrol’s data rooms in 2019 were preparation portals

How to upgrade to a full data room

Upgrading to a full-functionality data room is performed by simply inviting users, who are assigned buyer roles in the portal. When you invite users, you are notified that your subscription will be upgraded from a preparation portal to a data room, and once you confirm the change, the upgrade is made and you are ready for the next phase in the process: Due diligence

How to get started

Purchasing a preparation portal from Admincontrol’s webshop is easy to do. You will then gain immediate access to the portal and can begin preparations. You will also be appointed a dedicated Client Manager to contact if you have questions or want a platform walk-through before getting started.

What does a preparation portal cost?

Preparation portals from Admincontrol cost EUR 300 per month. For a complete list of prices and plans, as well as annual invoicing options, visit our webshop.