Task Manager keeps the due diligence process moving

A workflow tool that keeps everything on track

Assign reading or uploading tasks to your team members and the buyer or seller side

Less time spent chasing updates

Speed up due diligence with a clear and simple overview of assigned tasks

Detailed reporting for full traceability

View task activity and status in the reports section or download reports to your computer for easier access

Never miss a deadline

All users can receive customisable email notifications of a new task or status change

Share the workload 

Administrators can add team members and the buyer or seller side as additional task managers

Effective task management is a team effort

Task Manager helps you designate tasks depending on expertise, requirements and capacity.

Simply assign reading and uploading tasks to members of your own team or the buyer or seller side. Use the dashboard to check on progress and see the current status of every task.

You’re always in control 

Task Manager provides complete control over assigned tasks saving you time and effort.

No matter how many stakeholders there are, you’ll feel confident that you have oversight of every aspect of a deal or project. 

Never miss a deadline

Keep track of task progress, document uploads, Q&A threads and system updates with customisable email notifications.

Task Manager helps every Data Room user juggle deadlines and manage complex task lists so that critical requirements are delivered on schedule.