Admincontrol and Environmental Sustainability


Record warm weather, unpredicted droughts, retreating ice caps, rising sea levels and warmer oceans. We know that the climate goes through cycles of change and that these have happened before. However, there is broad international scientific consensus that humans are the main driver of the rapidly increasing changes to the environment we are now seeing. If we are part of the problem, we also need to be part of the solution.

A greener Admincontrol

Admincontrol reports yearly on our emissions in all markets we operate in. This gives us a good indication of how we are doing as a company, and what measures we need to take to avoid negative effects on the climate.

Our goal is a smaller footprint, and reaching this goal means looking into all our operations and change what is necessary to be sustainable.

Aa a company in Visma, we are following guidelines and directives that comes from group level, and we have a strong team to guide us in our environmental work.

Read more about how Visma is working here.

Read the 2021 Sustainability Report here.

Admincontrol Clean Teach Initiative

The climate challenge means we need to think outside of the box and find sustainable measures as we head into the future.

According to Our Common Future report, sustainable development is a development that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

Businesses can help accelerate the green transformation, and start-ups are key to speeding up innovation and creating disruption. In terms of both time and finances, limited resources are among the many challenges faced by start-ups. At Admincontrol, we see that many of them use our data room solution for performing due diligence in fund-raising processes.

To support start-ups who work with Cleantech, we are offering data rooms at a low cost. This offer is available to all start-ups that meet the criteria set out in the EU Taxonomy.

Read more about the initiative here

Clean-up day

At Admincontrol, we believe that involvement spreads enthusiasm and engagement, and we have fantastic colleagues who love to participate in one way or another. Yearly, we arrange a clean-up day at Admincontrol, involving all offices. From Oslo to the coastline in Helsinki and the forests and lakes in Slovakia, we pick up waste and clearing areas to keep our communities clean for both humans and wildlife.