Admincontrol and Mind Your Own Business


Mind Your Own Business is a Danish organisation that helps young boys from vulnerable residential areas (age 13-19) to develop professionally and personally through a program where they learn how to create their own business and work as a team. The organisation was founded in 2010 by Marita Kavita.

Mind You Own Business focuses on possibilities rather than limitations, and thus creates an alternative learning environment for the boys who are involved. Together with mentors both from the business world and private venture pilots, they work with the boys on their road to staring a micro business.

Admincontrol and Mind Your Own Business

This collaboration was initiated by our Danish colleagues, who were looking to get involved with CSR initiatives on a personal level. Partnering up with Mind Your Own Business gives them the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge about the business world, while also getting to know the boys on a personal level.

Since the start of the partnership, we have participated in three cycles with Mind Your Own Business. A cycle lasts for about nine months, and during this time the boys learn how to organise a business, how to conduct meetings with potential vendors and investors, how to decide on a product, and how to set their ideas in motion.

Our Danish colleagues says that program has given them back ten-fold what they have put in. They have met a tough and hard reality that they have not had any insight into previously, and it has been challenging working in new ways. On the other hand, they have learned so much from the boys and says it is a very satisfying feeling to see positive change in another person`s life and knowing they have contributed to these changes.

We have been involved with Mind Your Own Business from 2019 – 2022. We will continue to support this fantastic organisation and their activity in 2023.

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