Johan Cruyff Foundation

Johan Cruyff Foundation

The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops impactful sports and play projects for children, all over the world. It was founded by Johan Cruyff, considered to be one of the greatest football players through time. His legacy is legendary, both on the field and later as a manger.

After a long and impressive career as a pro athlete, Johan Cruyff founded an organisation that would focus on children’s development, health, and growth.

Children today are facing difficulties when it comes to just being children and staying active. Less space is available for play today, as we are expanding our cities and building more than before. In urban areas playgrounds are scares and in bad shape, and with traffic around it isn’t always safe for the children to play in the streets.

Good health at an early age is important for a child’s development, and sport not only improves the fitness of children, it also teaches them to interact and helps their personal development. As we are becoming increasingly more digital, children now spend more time on their phones being inactive than out playing.

All children should have the offer to participate in sports and play, yet 1 of 3 children with disabilities don’t have the option, or don’t have the right equipment to participate.

These challenges are what the Johan Cruyff are working on changing and improving for children all over the world. Creating spaces, the Cruyff Courts, in neighborhoods for children to have a safe place to get together. Here they can learn the importance of working together in teams, discover their talents and learn the valuable lessons of winning and losing.

For children with disabilities the foundation has Special Cruyff Courts, adapted to the children so they have the same opportunities to participate and be active. Through these Special Cruyff Courts 9 300 disabled children are active on a weekly basis.

The Johan Cruyff Foundation also has several social programs that empowers youth through programs and events. They have various collaborators they work with around the world, with different goals to help boost youth.

Admincontrol is very proud to partner up with this organisation that combines two of our great loves, sports and social responsibility. We look forward to see what they will accomplish in the years to come.