SuperSelma and Admincontrol


The SuperSelma project was started when Tommy, the founder, and his family got the devastating news that their 3-year-old daughter had leukaemia.

Selmas life went from days with joy and play, to being all about doctors’ appointments, medical procedures, and fatigue. Her parents did what they could to keep Selmas spirits up by giving her as many normal days as possible, and “glimpses of lights” as they call it. These glimpses of ligh could be anything from a new teddy bear, to a few hours at the playground, to meeting with friends, or going to the cinema. This helped the family tackle their new reality better and gave Selma as much energy as possible to get through the toughest treatments. Luckily, Selma recovered and is going to school and thriving.

When it was time for Tommy to return to his regular job, he realised that he needed to do something else. He knew how many families are in the same position as they were and wanted to help them in any way possible. He started this project to help raise funds to help more children going through cancer treatments, thus making sure that their lives still have glimpses of light.

Admincontrol and SuperSelma

We always want to be hands-on with our partners and involve the whole company when we can. With SuperSelma we have found the perfect way to do so, and in the same way boosting the activity level in Admincontrol.

It started in 2020, when the pandemic set a stop to all our interactions and initiated the rapid digitization we have known of the past years. Prior to this year, SuperSelma had arranged a yearly charity run to raise funds for their organisation, an on-site event with great turn-up. However, because of the pandemic this changed to a digital event. 
For us, this was the perfect setup, because we didn’t have to be at a specific place at a specific time but had a whole week to complete the activity. This drew in more people than expected and led to the decision of doing more to raise funds. For every colleague who joined in on the charity run, we challenged them to be more active during the week and report back all kilometers they collected form their hikes, running sessions or cycling. For each kilometer, Admincontrol set a certain value and by the end of the week, we could donate a sum of money to SuperSelma and their projects.

This was such a success for us, that for the last two years we have continued with staying active for SuperSelma through their Active Summer Campaign.

During the whole month of June every year, we encourage the whole company to focus on their physical health and be as active as they can. By the end of the month when we sum up all the kilometers we have moved, we convert the money to a donation to SuperSelma. In the record year of 2022, we had moved enough kilometers to walk from Oslo to Uganda!

Admincontrol as a team is dedicated to this cause and is very proud to be a partner with this organisation and look forward to all the great things our cooperation will bring in the future!

Read more about SuperSelma HERE.