SuperSelma and Admincontrol


The Super-Selma project was started when Tommy, the founder, and his family got the devastating news that their 3-year-old daughter had leukaemia.

Selmas life went from days with joy and play, to being all about doctors’ appointments, medical procedures, and fatigue. Her parents did what they could to keep Selmas spirits up by giving her as many normal days as possible, and “glimpses of lights” as they call it. These glimpses of ligh could be anything from a new teddy bear, to a few hours at the playground, to meeting with friends, or going to the cinema. This helped the family tackle their new reality better and gave Selma as much energy as possible to get through the toughest treatments. Luckily, Selma recovered and is going to school and thriving.

When it was time for Tommy to return to his regular job, he realised that he needed to do something else. He knew how many families are in the same position as they were and wanted to help them in any way possible. He started this project to help raise funds to help more children going through cancer treatments, thus making sure that their lives still have glimpses of light.

Admincontrol and SuperSelma

Admincontrol started their collaboration with Super-Selma back in 2017. Our Drammen office started to donate their empty bottles and cans, and soon after the Oslo office joined in the effort as well. Once a month Super-Selma drops by and picks up what has been collected, and they can spend the funds as they see fit. For us, this is such an easy way to contribute to a fantastic organisation.

I addition to this, SuperSelma has over the last couple of years helped boost the activity level in Admincontrol. Every year, SuperSelma organises a run to raise money for the project and to increase awareness about childhood cancer. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the run could not be organised as normal in 2020 and it became a digital event over the duration of a week. This made it easier to have more people join in from other parts of the country as well!

We encouraged our colleagues to participate, and gave an incentive to join the digital run by setting up a fund raiser internally in Admincontrol. Thanks to our sporty and wonderful team, we were able to make an additional donation to Super-Selma to continue their amazing work.

This year, SuperSelma had a summer campaign during the month of July, challenging their business partners to keep their employees active during the holidays. Because Admincontrol loves to stay active while helping a good cause, we jumped at the opportunity!

Admincontrol as a team is dedicated to this cause, and is very proud to be a partner with this organisation. We will for sure continue with this for years to come.

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