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Five quick Q&As about Admincontrol’s IT strategy

What does Admincontrol emphasise in its IT strategy? How does the company prioritise in terms of what to develop? These are some of the questions this blog post answers.

As a highly ambitious company, Admincontrol is constantly seeking to enhance and improve its solutions. Morten Høyseth is the CTO of Admincontrol. Here he shares some thoughts about what the company emphasises most in its IT strategy, and how it prioritises what to develop.

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How to avoid a cyberattack

How do you see the present threat picture? How can we protect our company against data leaks? Who is responsible for security in the company? These are questions that this article answers.

In an increasingly digital world, where everything from company finances to democratic processes in general depend on secure and robust cloud solutions, the threat picture is becoming ever more daunting. Cyberattacks are more frequent, more devious and more damaging than before.

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Boards of the Future – Global Board Survey 2018

Written by Jakob Stengel , LL.M., Founder & Chairman, Board Network

Predictability has been replaced by exponentiality and disruption. All businesses are now facing the challenge of trying to navigate through an opaque political, societal and economical fog – and, for added exhilaration, in an acceleration continuum that resembles the experience of jet fighter pilots reaching 6 G

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