Admincontrol and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Introducing: Admincontrol`s CSR work

Admincontrol believes that businesses have an important role to play in contributing to social justice and combating climate change. The company has therefore focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and engaged in green initiatives and various aid projects over the years

“We are in a fortunate position of being able to help those who do not have the same chances in life as we do”

Lead Client Manager & CSR Officer, Nina Ferlic

How do we work?

Admincontrol is a value-based company and our success is down to remaining true to our core values: Smart, passion and trust.
These values are reflected in everything we do with our colleagues, customers and stakeholders and how we run this company.

In other words, we want to do business and work in Smart ways, deliver a solution our customers can Trust and have a lot of Passion while we are doing it.  

We incorporate CSR in our daily work

Admincontrol strives to set an example of how to incorporate CSR strategy into running the business. We want to show that even though we spend time and funds supporting others, we still have a strong company, we reach our targets and care for our customers.

Read more about the projects we are involved in below


Self-help aid in Zimbabwe

Admincontrol has been a Sabona partner since 2012 and has contributed to Sabona`s various projects and sponsorships in Matabeleland North in Zimbabwe.

Learn more about Sabona here

Mind Your Own Business

Self-help program in Denmark

Since 2020 Admincontrol has been involved with Mind Your Own Business, a Danish organisation that helps young boys from vulnerable residential areas to develop professionally and personally.

Learn more about Mind Your Own Business here


Help for kids battling cancer

SuperSelma is an organization that works to bring a brighter day to kids battling cancer. Every year SuperSelma organizes a run to raise money and awareness about child cancer.

Learn more about SuperSelma here

Environmental Sustainability

A greener Admincontrol

As a Visma company, Admincontrol is part of a pilot project to report emissions. This will give us a good indication of how we are doing as a company, and what measures we need to take so we don’t have a negatively impact on the climate. 

Learn more about the project here

Read more about the projects