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One year in the chair

In January 2019 Møyfrid Øygard took on the role as the Managing Director of Admincontrol. She has spent her first year getting Admincontrol`s priorities and vision clearly set out, which is all about providing the ultimate solution for decision-makers. Read more about our new vision and Møyfrid`s experiences so far in this interview.


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Law firm Schjødt on M&A and their recent merger with Hamilton [Webinar highlights]

The Norwegian law firm Schjødt is not only a recognized top tier M&A advisor in Norway, they are also actively engaging in mergers and acquisitions on their own behalf.

In 2019, Schjødt has conducted two mergers:

  • In January, with Michelet & Co, a Norwegian law firm specialized in the oil and gas sector
  • In October, Schjødt announce the merger with the Swedish law firm Hamilton
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