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Due diligence for startups

Blog post by Espen Bordvik, Head of Virtual Data Rooms at Admincontrol 

The business model landscape is changing. We see that traditional business models are being challenged by new, more efficient, more user-friendly and cheaper alternatives. Established corporations are being challenged by the newcomers. Technology is a key driver, but so is the mindset of the people behind the newcomers.

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Clean Rooms: Keeping your hands clean in a due diligence

Blog post by Mari Nygård, Business Development Manager in Admincontrol Norway

What is a Clean Room? Do you need one? These are the questions we will answer in this blogpost.

It’s not that long ago since using a data room in a transaction was synonymous with a physical room filled with files and folders. Today most due diligences are performed in the secure environment of a Virtual Data Room.

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