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Are boards on board with digital?

Blog post by: Turid Elisabeth Solvang, Founder & CEO FutureBoards.

We are in a perfect storm of perpetual change. Around us, technology, business models, and markets are transforming at unprecedented speed, changing the very bones on which business and industry are built. Boards must learn while on the watch to navigate these unfamiliar and treacherous waters. What is at stake is their company’s future.

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GDPR: Here’s what the board and management needs to know

Lately, our blog has been focused on the GDPR, the EU’s new data protection regulation. We think that it is important for everyone to know about the GDPR and what it entails. Especially, board members and top-management need to up to speed, to avoid huge fines (up to 4 % of gross turnover) and loss of trust and reputation.

In this post, we’ll summarize important take-aways from part 1 – 3, and provide you with a checklist with 8 steps on the way to GDPR compliance.


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Admincontrol is a proud contributor to Sabona

In the later years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have become more prominent in the business world. Having a conscious approach to how your company contributes back to society, either social or environmental, will in some cases be imperative for working with certain suppliers and clients. Businesses have an important role in acting against climate change and contributing to social justice movements, and can make an immense difference in changing people’s attitudes. More companies are incorporating CSR work in the day-to-day running of the business, and encourage their employees to contribute with ideas and commitment.

Admincontrol has for a long time been concerned with CSR both on a green initiative and various aid projects. When trying to find a lasting collaborator, our focus was finding an organisation that shares our core values. We also wanted to know that the road from donor to recipient is short and reliable, and we wanted to follow the development of our projects first hand. Our choice landed on Sabona.

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