Board Portal

Board management software is an online platform designed to help board teams to collaborate on corporate governance and simplify processes and tasks. With everything in one place, users can securely share and annotate board documents, prepare and attend online meetings and electronically sign minutes from anywhere and on any device.

Board management software helps your board get organised, taking care of admin-heavy tasks and freeing up time to focus on strategic issues. From accessing and sharing documents online to preparing for and attending meetings while working from home or in the office, board management software will save you time and costs.

A Board Portal from Admincontrol provides a secure approach to c-suite communication and supports effective remote and hybrid working. It will help your board to save time and money by accessing digital board documents, running online board meetings and speeding up decision making with the electronic signing of minutes.

To discover how a Board Portal from Admincontrol can support collaboration and decision making in your organisation, simply request a no-obligation demo and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Data rooms

A Data room from Admincontrol provides a secure cloud-based environment for document storage, file sharing, and confidential discussion associated with the due diligence phase of a merger or acquisition. Access to files and discussions can be managed securely, and third parties, usually a buyer or seller, can be given access to the contents of the data room in a controlled manner.

When choosing a data room from Admincontrol, focus on four key factors; storage volume, security features, usability and support. Look for a data room that offers unlimited or scalable storage so it can flex to your requirements as they evolve. Robust security features, encrypted messaging and access control down to document level are essential for safeguarding sensitive information. The user interface should be intuitive and easy to set up with technical support available whenever you need it.

Virtual Data rooms from Admincontrol use cloud-based technology to provide a secure online repository for business documents, information and encrypted messaging enabling interested parties to share information and communicate efficiently without risk.

Setting up a VDR (virtual data room) from Admincontrol is quick and easy. Simply select one of our ready-made folder templates or create your own from scratch and then use the folder wizard to create and index your folders. Invite users to join the room assigning permissions to each, and you’re all set to start uploading documents and allocate reading tasks.

Virtual Data rooms (VDRs) from Admincontrol are extremely secure. VDR software utilises the latest in encryption technology to secure sensitive business information, two-factor authentication for login as well as user permissions that control who can access documents and folders or perform tasks such as downloading or printing.

To log into your Admincontrol Virtual Data Room (VDR) or Board Portal from Admincontrol, go to the login page and enter either your username and password, or your electronic ID.

After purchasing your virtual Data room from Admincontrol, look out for an email containing a registration link (remember to check your junk folder, just in case). Click on the registration link and follow the instructions. Your registration link will usually expire after 24 hours unless settings have been updated by an admin user.

If you are an existing Admincontrol customer, tick ‘I want to use my current Admincontrol membership account’. If you are a new user, tick the second box to set up a new account.


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