Task Manager

Increased deal speed with automated workflows

Speed up the process

Standardize and automate processes within the data room by replacing manual lists and ad hoc tasks.

Ensures accountability

Provides transparency and structure for all parties. Nothing is forgotten!

Safe and secure

Assigned the right task to relevant roles and avoid ad hoc and insecure communication.

The Task Manager is a workflow tool that enables Administrator to assign and monitor the document upload and review processes within the data room. Users have full overview and control of their assigned tasks. Easy and quick to use, you can assign and manage tasks with only a few clicks.

Task Manager features:

  • Manage tasks even more efficiently on seller and buyer side
  • Assign upload and reading tasks to your team from within the data room 
  • Keep track of the process
  • Detailed reporting gives full traceability 
  • Speeds up and simplifies the deal preparation 
  • Included in Admincontrol’s data rooms free of charge

Want to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about how to use Task Manager you can visit our help centre!

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