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New challenges ahead

After 13 years at Admincontrol, CEO Christian Petersen’s journey is reaching its end. He has new challenges on the horizon. More than anything, he will miss the company culture and the colleagues who, over the years, have accompanied him along the way.

– Admincontrol is my baby. I love the company I was lucky enough to help build up and the people who work here. But an opportunity has arisen that has excited my curiosity and passion. I am not leaving Admincontrol, so much as moving on to something new, he says.

Skipping back a few years, how did the Admincontrol story start for you?
It all began in 2005 when one of the founders, Ståle Løvbukten, did a Master’s on board work at BI Norwegian Business School. He spotted a need for technological solutions to support board work. Ståle is a good friend of mine, and that same year he asked if I wanted to join the team. Back then, it was just a small group of us doing everything from sales to development. It was exciting, but also quite demanding at times.

How mature was the market at that time?
– It was completely unexplored. Effectively no-one knew what a board portal was or how it could help a company perform its work more efficiently and securely. We were basically starting from scratch.

When did the turning point come?
– We were fortunate enough to get a major listed company as a client early on. They had had a leak ahead of a quarterly presentation and, being on the stock exchange, needed to find a secure solution for their board documents. Admincontrol came up with a digital solution for sharing information and knowing who it had been distributed to. Getting this listed company as a client was clearly a major turning point for us.

 Why did Admincontrol succeed?
I think it was a combination of several things. The market clearly had a need for a secure solution for board documents. We were good at developing the right solutions in partnership with our clients. We were able to attract and retain the right employees, to allow them to experiment and even to fail, to give our colleagues a sense of purpose in their work. And we had a good dose of luck. We also always had the conviction that we would succeed and were tightly focused on our specialist niche.

What is the secret to building a successful company?
At Admincontrol, we created a healthy and strong culture from day one, and this became the company’s DNA. For me, it’s always been crucial to strike a balance betweenpeople and results. My focus was on getting the right people on board. Positive and innovative people who are not afraid to experiment and to fail. If you get that right, the results will come. In our last customer satisfaction survey, we achieved a Net Promoter Score of 71– which is sky high. This is something everyone in the company can take pride in. In addition, we’ve always kept our focus on the customer and developed our product in partnership with them.

 What, at Admincontrol, has meant the most to you?
 –  Hand on heart, I can say that it is not the numbers that mean the most to me. What I’ll take with me going forward is the passion and pride in the company that people at Admincontrol have. Along with the sense of having helped create a workplace where people have each other’s backs and celebrate each other’s successes. There is a unique team spirit. This makes me proud!

Christian Petersen on Karl Johan

Admincontrol’s CEO Christian Petersen explains that the company has a three-fold focus: customers, shareholders and employees.

 What will you miss the most?
 I’ll miss the great people. I’ll always have good memories of them.

Why have you decided to move on? What are your next steps?
 An opportunity has arisen that has excited my curiosity and passion and I want to move on to new challenges. The company has never been in a better condition, and I feel that I can leave the company with my head held high. Of course, I will miss Admincontrol, but, against that, I know that it will continue to prosper without me.

So, the big question that customers are surely asking themselves: is the company in good hands?
 The company is in very good hands. Møyfrid Øygard, who is taking over from me, is an amazing leader who I respect and admire. I am certain that she will lead Admincontrol along the right path with energy and commitment. She has been our sales director for a number of years and was familiar with the company and our product before that. We also have a highly capable management group and very skilled and passionate employees to take the company forward. In other words, for our customers, nothing will change. I would like to thank our customers for their confidence and trust over 13 enjoyable years. Your constructive input, feedback and interest in Admincontrol have been a key part of our journey. Your continued contribution will be important for helping the company evolve in the right direction and deliver solutions that customers actually want.