3 tips for improving your board work in 2019!

A new year brings with it a sense of renewal: you are faced with a blank sheets and fresh opportunities. In other words, a golden chance to evaluate your existing routines and establish some new ones. Here are three suggestions that could help you improve your board work for 2019!

1: Prepare and facilitate board meetings better
A recent PWC survey (2018) indicates that many board members wish for the management to reduce the volume of board papers (44%) and also to receive materials earlier (41%). Did you know that by using a board portal, documents can be uploaded and shared with just a few clicks? With permanent access and all materials stored in one place it’s easier for board members to start their preparations for the next meeting. Read more about the value of a board portal here.

2: Switch to paperless board meetings
Your company might have been talking about the “green shift” for some time now. Maybe it’s even well under way? Now’s the time for the board to join in. One step in the right direction is to make  board meetings paperless. Just picture the stack of papers resulting from a board meeting, multiplied by the number of board members, and then by the number of meetings in a year. In addition, some companies are still sending out their papers by courier. There’s no doubt that switching to a paperless board is a sound eco-friendly initiative. We give you five good reasons to go paperless in the board room.

3: Take IT security seriously
It is increasingly recognized that IT security is a matter for the board to consider.
How secure are your board documents? The management and the board usually hear about the topic Cyberattack after there has been a serious incident. In 2019 IT security must be elevated from the IT department, and onto the board`s agenda. As a board member, why not make an extra effort to understand the threats and avoid cyberattacks? Learn more about how your board can avoid cyberattacks. 

Good luck!

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