Why a board portal is valuable for companies of all sizes

Blog post with Charlie Horrell

There is a perception that a board portal is only really appropriate for a larger company, but the truth is a board portal is valuable, and indeed necessary, for companies of all sizes.

[quote text=”Small%20companies%20think%20it%20could%20be%20a%20bit%20of%20a%20luxury%20to%20spend%20money%20on%20a%20board%20portal%2C%20but%20when%20they%20realize%20that%2C%20per%20director%2C%20it%20is%20cheaper%20than%20buying%20a%20cup%20of%20coffee%20every%20day%2C%20they%20often%20change%20their%20mind.%C2%A0The%20benefits%20are%20even%20greater%20for%20small%20companies%20with%20less%20infrastructure%2C%20which%20often%20have%20fewer%20administrative%20staff%20to%20help%20prepare%20for%20meetings%2C%20print%20papers%20etc” author=”Charlie%20Horrell%2C%20″ author_position=”CEO%20of%20Imagen” /]

Horrell has significant experience in driving businesses within the Software as a Service area and with board portals in particular, as a former Managing Director of the European business for Diligent. Today he is CEO of Imagen, a SaaS business involved in video management as well as being a non-Executive Director at Admincontrol.

More efficient at work

Charlie Horrell - Board Portal
Horrell has seen many companies switching over to board portals throughout the years.  And this is what he has learnt:

[quote text=”People%20never%20like%20to%20change%2C%20but%20when%20they%20realize%20how%20efficient%20a%20board%20portal%20is%2C%20they%20can%60t%20live%20without%20it.%20Also%2C%20the%20process%20of%20moving%20from%20a%20paper%20based%20process%20is%20incredibly%20easy%2C%20even%20for%20a%20small%20company.%C2%A0%20There%20is%20really%20nothing%20to%20be%20worried%20about.” author=”Charlie%20Horrell%2C” author_position=”CEO%20of%20Imagen” /]

He explains how the expanded use of technology in the boardroom boosts efficiency, improves security, lowers costs and is a real time-saver for both board members, management and support staff. It also provides opportunities for directors to communicate and collaborate outside of board meetings.

[quote text=”Executives%20will%20spend%20less%20time%20on%20administrative%20tasks.%20There%20is%20no%20doubt%20your%20company%20will%20become%20more%20efficient%2C%20and%20board%20members%20will%20be%20better%20prepared%20for%20board%20meetings.%20This%20has%20got%20to%20be%20a%20benefit%20for%20everyone.” author=”Charlie%20Horrell%2C” author_position=”CEO%20of%20Imagen” /]

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Charlie Horrell’s THREE reasons why board portals are valuable to companies of all sizes: 


Distributing documents to the board members by email or by traditional post can be an extensive task. Your company will save a lot of time switching over to a board portal. Some of Admincontrol`s clients have cut down the time spent on administrative tasks from eight hours to 30 minutes after switching to the board portal.


The benefits from adapting a board portal comes both before and after a board meeting. Board members can use the portal to make and share notes, vote on important issues and view historic information. They can even sign the meeting minutes electronically after the board meeting. The documents are always available, online and offline, in a secure, user-friendly solution, via the web and iPad or iPhone app. Organizations can see a tremendous benefit from freeing up more of the board members’ time by simply switching to a more efficient content delivery and collaboration system.  There is no doubt your company will get more efficient. 


Sending board documents via e-mail or by using a courier, could mean losing control of your most sensitive documents. You cannot control that the board papers actually reach your board members, and you do not know what happens to the documents after they reach their rightful recipients. With a board portal, you are in complete control of the distribution process, everything takes place within a secure and encrypted platform, only accessible for the users you invite in. No more accidentally misdirected emails or board documents lost in the mail. This is important to companies at all sizes.

So, if you haven’t got “on board ” yet, it`s about time to get started. Remember, adopting a board portal is valuable to companies at ALL SIZES. And Horrell is sure: “You won`t regret it”.

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