Major focus on product development at Admincontrol

Kristoffer Munthe Aasbø is Chief Product Officer at Admincontrol. His most important task is to ensure that the company identifies, prioritises and develops the best solutions that meet our customers’ expectations. Here he shares his experiences with us and gives us his take on how Admincontrol stays in the driving seat in terms of product development, plus details on some of the things our customers can look forward to in 2019.

1. You’ve been at Admincontrol since 2011. What’s your view on the market maturity today compared with a few years ago?

–  The maturity of the market has changed considerably over this period – both for board portals and data rooms. When I started at Admincontrol, few people knew what a board portal was and what value it could add to a company. In those days, we also found that many of the customers we contacted had physical data rooms with ring binders and kilos of paper, while Board papers were often sent out by courier. This has changed completely. It has become a matter of course these days for the boards of most companies to use a Board Portal. In addition, sharing information with external parties in a secure data room has become the new standard for due diligence processes. It has been incredibly exciting to help shape this journey.

2. Is there a typical Admincontrol customer? (Industry, size, public, private, etc.)

– We have customers in all industries, sizes and company forms – both private and public. What most of them have in common is that they want a system that provides better security, control, traceability, structure and efficiency when sharing information with internal and external parties. We are also seeing a clear increase in demand for board portals and data rooms among smaller companies and startups. They have also started to see the value of early professionalisation and preparing themselves for potential transactions. Using our products helps companies to prepare for success by providing their decision-makers with a simple and secure platform. Put simply, Admincontrol gives our customers a better foundation for making better decisions!


3. Some Board members are a little more mature and not all of them are quite so digitally minded. Can this solution be used by everyone?

–  We have placed great emphasis on everyone being able to use the solution – even those whose digital skills aren’t quite so strong. At the same time, there is a trend towards a growing number of younger board members, who are well-acquainted with the use of digital solutions. In other words, it is important for us to create a solution that appeals to both these user groups. To help us optimise our solutions, we involve our users and try out our products on them during the development phase, which has proven to be a highly valuable approach.  The feedback we have received is that both of our solutions are very easy to implement. We are still constantly working to make them even better and several improvements are on the way in the near future.

4. What is Admincontrol doing to ensure we are in the driving seat when it comes to the development of our product?

–   As the person responsible for the product and the product strategy, my biggest challenge is to make sure we prioritise and develop the best solutions. We are committed to involving customers in the development of functionality and also in our product plans. This way, we and our customers can together ensure that what we are developing provides value and benefit to users. At Admincontrol, we also have a strong R&D department and an exceptionally good IT strategy. Coupled with the fact that we are now owned by Visma, who focus strongly on innovation in software, this puts us in a strong position. All of which will help us to make absolutely certain that Admincontrol remains in the driving seat when it comes to development.

5. What will be happening on the product side in 2019?

In 2019, we will continue to be the market leader in terms of stability, uptime and security, together with a high level of local service and support. In addition, we will be offering new and exciting functions for our board portal, where our goal is to completely digitise the entire Board meeting process. This includes several improvements relating to our meeting book, meeting minutes, e-signature and secure messaging. We are also working on some totally new things that we look forward to introducing to our customers. For the data room service, there will be enhancements such as support for bulk download (of documents) and major improvements to the Q&A function, for example. We are also working to enable the app for use on Android Devices in the future and to map out the use of Artificial Intelligence, principally for our data room product.

Our customers clearly have a lot to look forward to in 2019 and beyond. And we will, as always, focus on delivering solutions that meet our customers’ expectations.

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